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Updated: Apr 21

Do you suspect your swimming pool has a leak? A leaking pool makes it more difficult to regulate chemicals and costs you a fortune in wasted water. Furthermore, a large leak might compromise the motor as well as other critical components of a swimming pool's system, making things worse. This is where Pool Network can help.

We are ready to head to your home, locate the leak, and fix it quickly so that you can continue to enjoy your pool. Our experts use cutting-edge technology to detect even the most hard-to-find leaks to ensure that your pool is functioning as it should be. Learn more about our leak detection Fort Myers service by giving us a call!

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How Pools Start Leaking

The source of a leak can be anything from a crack in the pool or a broken skimmer seal to a light conduit. Saying that, it can also come from any other number of areas. Using sophisticated methods, our technicians will pinpoint the leak's location down to a few feet. They will then be able to provide a precise estimate and properly repair your pool utilizing the most recent technology.

Signs Your Pool Has a Leak

  • Severe drop in water levels (more than a quarter-inch of water a day)

  • Visible cracks in the plaster of your swimming pool

  • You can't get your pool's system up and running

Detecting a leak in a swimming pool can be tricky, especially in hot weather when the water evaporates quickly. Call a specialist from the Pool Network immediately if you suspect that your pool has a leak.

Pool Leak Detection Fort Myers

The scope and area of the leak are determined by a set of tests carried out by our highly trained leak detection technicians. This can be achieved by the team without damaging your pool. Pool Network's reliable swimming pool leak detection services in Fort Myers provide results quickly and efficiently, ensuring your pool can be used again as soon as possible.

Pool Leak Repair Fort Myers

At Pool Network, our goal is to provide affordable rates without compromising on quality. In some cases, an epoxy sealant coating may be all it takes to resolve your issue. Most of the time, we won't need to empty your pool. The leak can often be detected and repaired in one visit. For more complicated problems, we'll offer you a detailed report on the issue and the best approach to fix it. You can count on us to provide trustworthy pool leak repair in Fort Myers.

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