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The Pool Solution: Inground Pools in Cape Coral, FL

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Inground swimming pool with lounge chairs

Do you have an inground pool in your backyard? An inground pool is a great way to keep cool in the summer, and there’s nothing like taking a dip in your own pool. However, owning an inground pool also comes with some responsibilities.

The good news is that Pool Network is here to help! We are the experts in pool care, and we can help you keep your inground pools in Cape Coral, FL, in great condition all year round.

What Is an Inground Pool?

First, you must understand the difference between an inground and an above-ground pool. An inground pool is a swimming pool built into the ground, while an above-ground pool sits on top of the ground.

Inground pools are more common than above-ground pools, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They can be made from concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass, and they can be customized to fit any backyard.

Above-ground pools are cheaper to install than inground pools, but they have several disadvantages. First, they are not attractive as inground pools. Second, they are less safe than inground pools because they can easily be tipped over.

Why Is an Inground Pool Better Than an Above-ground Pool?

There are several reasons why an inground pool is a better choice than an above-ground pool. These include:

  1. More aesthetically pleasing: Inground pools fit in well with any backyard landscaping, and they add value to your home.

  2. Safer: They are less likely to tip over, and they are easier to get in and out of than above-ground pools.

  3. More manageable and less expensive to maintain: You will need to clean and sanitize your pool often, but having a beautiful inground pool in your backyard is worth it, since it’s easier to maintain than an above-ground pool.

  4. You can get creative with an inground pool: Above-ground pools are limited in what they can do. With an inground pool, you can have a spa attached, a waterfall, or even a slide.

Importance of Maintaining Your Inground Pool

It's crucial to keep your pool clean and sanitized to enjoy its benefits. You may want to have the pool vacuumed and the walls and floors scrubbed every few months.

Your inground pool can quickly become a safety hazard and an eyesore without proper maintenance. That is why it’s crucial to have a dependable pool service like Pool Network to assist you in maintaining your pool.

What Can Pool Network Do for You?

Pool Network is a leading provider of inground pool service in Cape Coral, FL. We offer a wide range of pool care services to our customers, including:

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance includes cleaning and sanitizing the pool, pressure testing, weekly pool service, and more. We'll make sure that your pool is always in tip-top shape.

Pool Repairs

If your pool needs repairs, we can help. We offer pool resurfacing, concrete repair, tile repair, and

more. We also offer a free estimate, so you know exactly what the repair will cost.

Pool Equipment Upgrades

If you want to upgrade your pool equipment, Pool Network is the right place. We offer various pool equipment, including:

  • Pool heaters

  • Salt systems

  • Automation systems

  • Pool lighting

  • Filters

  • Plumbing and more

How Our Services Work

We understand that not everyone is familiar with pool maintenance and repairs. We have a simple, easy-to-use system for our inground pools in Cape Coral, FL services.

First, you will need to call us and give us your information. This includes your name, address, phone number, and the type of pool you have. One of our associates will collect as much information as possible and create a service plan for you.

We will assign a technician and schedule a visit to your inground pool in Cape Coral, FL. The technician will evaluate your pool and determine the best course of action. This will allow us to estimate the service cost and provide you with a time frame to complete the work.

You can then decide if you would like to move forward with the service. We will set the repair or maintenance date and then work quickly to get your pool back in top condition. Since you've approved the job, we will credit you back the initial service call fee.

Get Your Inground Pool Maintained by the Pros at Pool Network

If you want to ensure that the condition of your inground pools in Cape Coral, FL, is maintained at all times, call the experts at Pool Network. With over 20 years in the industry, we understand what it takes to keep your pool healthy and clean. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and our experts are always here to help.

Contact us today for the best pool care in Cape Coral, FL!

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